Keep doing it! Beta

Doing it once is easy, making it a habit is what defines who you are.

Focus on what you control: the process.

Yet another habit tracker?

Yes, I tried everything, from existing apps to complex Notion databases. They are seemed either over engineered or lacking the basics.

That's why I built this committed to keep the basics simple: ticking a habit should be easy and feel good.

For the data savvy ones or those that like sharing for accountability, I'll get you covered as well.

Start doing it!

Designed for those that Keep Doing it

The Basics

Create habits and tick them as soon as you finish them.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Not everything is supposed to be done every day or always Tuesday and Thursdays. 3 times a week? or 7 times per month? No problem, pick up the right frequency and get the relevant statistics accordingly.


Know what's your current streak, how you did last week or how you have been doing this month or quarter.

Summary Soon

Get periodic summaries pushed to your at your own pace. For you to reflect or share with friends and family.

Objectives Soon

For the tech and data savvy, define objectives for your completion rate. Step up your new years resolution to something you control: "I'll become healthier this year" should be "I'll go to the gym 3x week for 80% of the weeks this year".

Goals Soon

Associate habits with Goals (e.g. loose 10kg, run a marathon) so you know the WHY you are doing it.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a mobile app?

Not yet. iOS App is under development and Android will follow up depending on demand. For now, on iOS you can work this around: just open this website on Safari, press Share and "Add to Home Screen".

Can I use it for free for free?

Sure, you can do everything for up to 3 habits.